Urban Eco Planned City

Green Building is a construction- practice and design to promote the economic health and well being of family. our Community and the environment it is the most practical intelligent and appropriate step to have positive rewards on our socio-economic structure of personal and national savings and also the most effective way of living for ages to come.

Our Architects and Engineers have done extensive research to come up with the best living model. Leveraging the power of MOTHER NATURE & blending the 5 basic elements of life : EARTH, HEARTH,ETHER,AIR and WATER

The day is not far away when every township in the country will be built on the lines of Global Eco City. Astute planning and smart implementation have ensured that Global Eco City offers better standard of living, state-of-the-art amenities with close proximity to nature. Global Eco City is designed to give you all the comfort of a city without any discomfort of one.

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